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CMA :: Our Vision
Mental Arithmetic is a form of calculation which is solely done by human mind using mental power or performing mathematical calculations mentally, without using any physical or external instruments such as a computer, calculator, paper or pencil.
CMA :: Not just ABACUS
CMA Mental Arithmetic (both-hand abacus system) taps the mental capabilities of human brain to solve mathematical problems with speed and accuracy by visualizing the abacus in one's mind, thus stimulating the right and left brain while doing computation.
CMA Brain
CMA program adopts a Both-Hand Abacus Mental Arithmetic system that uses:
  • Two Hands Simultaneously when Calculating the Abacus
  • Two Hands Simultaneously to Calculate Mentally
By learning Abacus and Mental Arithmetic using both hands, one can:
  1. Stimulate the sense of sight
  2. Stimulate the hearing sense
  3. Stimulate the sense of feeling
  4. Stimulate the ability to imagine

When the 4 respective organs are stimulated simultaneously, a person's intellectuality will be enhanced quickly.