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Total Brain Development Program (TBDP)

Total Brain Development Program was developed by the well-known researcher and educationalist, Master Tai Chiang Ching, who has put in 30 years of intensive research into the designing methodology that stimulates both sides of the brain at the early stages of its development - a key factor to unravelling powers of mind and intelligence. As a result, memory, response, imagination, concentration, arithmetical skill (which excels the speed of computer), quick decisive powers, intelligence, etc. of the child enhances many folds.

It was our belief that "Brain is a hard wired piece of machinery" and "IQ-is the main success Mantra" of life. But later research in the areas of Biological Science has proved that every activity of a human is associated with the actions of specific neural networks in the brain. IQ is not the only one determining factor of success in life but the factors like Emotional Quotient (EQ) are also play a very crucial role in it. Master Tai Chiang Ching determined to study about the key factors which help to enhance the Myelination process, Synaptic density and the formation of neural networks in the early stages of human brain development. Another area of his study was the enhancement of "EQ" in children and its effect. All these results in the establishment of this revolutionary Total Brain Development Programme(TBDP) for the children aged 3 to 14 years.