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Benefits of TBDP

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TBDP : Benefits of Children

  • High level of intelligence.
  • Induce a child's potential.
  • High level of concentration.
  • Improved Flexibility and endurance
  • Enhanced memory power.
  • Quick response.
  • Enhanced EQ of the child.
  • Better imaginative skill
  • Better problem solving skill
  • Better communication skill
  • Better Executive skill
  • Improved Arithmetical skill (Excel the speed of computer)
  • Improved Audio-Visual-Kinesthetic skill
  • Better Visuospatial Skills
  • Better Psychosocial skill

TBDP : Benefits of Parents and Schools

Every child is a Genius! As a parent it is your responsibility to find the genius in your children and nurture it to make them successful in life. Here CMA becomes your trusted partners to fulfil your responsibility. Our TBDP training will enhance your child's intellect which helps him to face the challenges in life confidently. Through TBDP training, at the early ages, the hidden potential of the "brain power" is discovered by the children themselves. Early beginning will help your child to become more self-reliant and responsible. Here we make the learning fun to generate natural interests of the students to progress the training with great passion. Developing the right attitude and character building at the right age is our teaching philosophy. CMA teachers are trained and transformed to a positive personality through systematic training methods and teaching aids. There are specific trainings and teachings in each lesson where the students naturally develop the positive attitude to become responsible and caring citizens of our nation.

Every school is determined to receive highest score among their students. CMA-TBDP prepares the children to be highly receptive. A balanced growth of Auditory, visual and kinaesthetic skills coupled with the improved concentration enables CMA trained children to be high achievers in academic and brings laurels to their school.