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Total Brain Development Programme (TBDP) consists of the following Modules :

a) EQ Development Training :

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict. Emotional intelligence impacts many different aspects of our daily life, such as the way we behave and the way we interact with others.

All information to the brain comes through our senses, and when this information is overwhelmingly stressful or emotional, instinct will take over and our ability to act will be limited to the flight, fight, or freeze response. Therefore, to have access to a wide range of choices and the ability to make good decisions, we need to be able to bring our emotions into balance at will.

Memory is also strongly linked to emotion. By learning to stay connected to the emotional part of your brain as well as the rational, you'll not only expand your range of choices when it comes to responding to a new event, but you'll also factor emotional memory into your decision-making process. This will help prevent you from continually repeating earlier mistakes.

It is not merely the academic achievement determines the success of life but many other EQ components such as leadership skill, quick and fast decision-making ability, ability to work as a team, positive attitude, planning, skill of execution, effective communication, Psychosocial skill, etc. play major roles in it.

If you can recall your school days, is the best academic achiever in your class more successful today than an average student? Do you agree that in reality majority cases are not? There comes the role of EQ. Fortunately, EQ is trainable. Unfortunately, your child's regular study does not include a programme that can enhance your child's EQ level. Allow us to up bring your child with our scientifically researched and developed TBDP programme.

b) Mental Arithmetic Training :

A calculation without the aid of a tool is called Mental Arithmetic. CMA-TBDP trained children will be able to do calculations faster than the speed of a computer. Here our children convert the numbers into images. The process of fast mental calculation through images is the end result of the activation of their subconscious mind. The aural and visual method is practised in mental arithmetic training which enhances the auditory and visual ability of a child. This training stimulates the brain activity in different neural networks which in turn helps to accelerate the Myelination process and increase the synaptic density in the respective neural mappings. CMA has created many world Mental Arithmetic Champions.

c) Advanced Abacus Training :

Abacus training is an excellent method to stimulate the right and left side of the brain simultaneously. Master Tai Chiang has researched and developed a unique technique using the least number of bead movement with the highest speed and accuracy in the abacus mental arithmetic calculations known as "Two hand four finger Omission method", which is considered as the most advanced form of abacus calculation method available today. CMA method of abacus training requires the lowest number of bead movements to do a particular calculation which allows a user to perform more complicated calculations in lesser time. Those who are attending the CMA TBDP programme doesn't require to attend any other abacus training programme to master this skill.